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Junior Archaeologist Program

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Calling All Adventurers!

The Junior Archaeologist program at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum introduces young people to the study of archaeology and Egyptology within the museum environment with the goal of fostering enthusiasm for ancient history and learning through interactive workshops and activities. The program is open to young people in grades K-12.

Program Requirements

Program requirements include participation in five of our eight monthly workshops, attendance at one guided tomb tour, and completion of an “Artifact Quest” activity.

Workshops allow participants to explore the world of ancient Egypt in-depth with topics ranging from ancient games and cosmetics to proper artifact handling techniques. Workshops are held every weekend and a complete schedule is on the Workshop page.

Guided Tomb Tours bring the tale of Khnumhotep to life as guests wander through this governor’s monument of stone. Guided tomb tours are given daily.

Artifact Quest activities are specially designed for specific age levels and encourage participants to think like archaeologists to unlock the meaning behind the museum’s treasures. Young people are encouraged to choose an artifact in the collection and share its story and significance through this project. Exemplary Artifact Quests will be considered for publication on the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Facebook page

Museum membership (Friends of Thoth or above) is required for participation in this program. Upon enrollment, participants receive a “Ra card,” which acts as a student identification card as well as a way of tracking progress throughout the program. Museum staff members initial the card after participants complete each activity.

Graduation Sleepover

Upon completion of the program, participants celebrate with A Night in the Afterlife, an overnight graduation ceremony at the museum.