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Night in the Afterlife Sleepover

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"Night in the Afterlife"

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A completed Ra card is the Junior Archaeologist’s ticket to spend a “Night in the Afterlife,” which is a one-time sleepover at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Children will have the experience to sleep next to ancient artifacts including one of our four mummies, Lady Tahure.

Egyptian-themed arts and crafts, fun and games for all ages, and some educational activities start in the evening and end at midnight. Junior Archaeologists will have the chance to earn prizes and make new friends.

In the morning, a continental-style breakfast is provided and the Graduation Ceremony begins. Thoth, the god of wisdom, leads the children to the entrance of the Tomb where they will receive their Junior Archaeologist Certificate, goodie bag, and an exclusive museum drawstring bag. This ceremony celebrates the participant's completion of our various workshops and the achievement for having earned the title Junior Archaeologist!

For more information about the Junior Archaeologist program, please click here.