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Museum Sleepover Questions

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Night in the Afterlife FAQ

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Q. When will the sleepover be scheduled?

Summertime, our most popular season.

Q. Can both parents attend the sleepover?


Q. Is my child’s Ra card required for the sleepover?


Q. Can I bring my child's friend or sibling to the sleepover if they haven't participated in the program?

Any child who has not participated and completed the program is not eligible to attend the sleepover.

Q. Will food be provided?

We highly encourage adults and children to have dinner before they arrive and to bring their own food such as snacks and drinks for the duration of the sleepover event. 

Q. What should I bring for the sleepover?

We suggest you bring anything you would need through the night and in the morning. Generally participants bring blankets, pillows, blow up mattress, sleeping mask, a change of clothes, and toiletries.

Q. Is there a dress code?

We suggest you dress in comfortable clothing. Adults and children are welcome to dress up in Egyptian costumes or in their pajamas. Restrooms will be available to change into pajamas when it is time to get ready for lights-out at midnight.

Q. What are the activities at the sleepover?

The activities may include Egyptian-themed arts and crafts, a variety of games for all ages, and some educational activities and of course - the Graduation Ceremony.

Q. Can I bring an additional family member to attend the graduation ceremony and not the sleepover?

Yes, additional family members and friends are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in the morning.